Best Practices for Cats and Dogs Grooming at Home

Best Practices for Cats and Dogs Grooming at Home

Best Practices for Cats and Dogs Grooming at Home

Best Practices for Cats and Dogs Grooming at Home

Every animal lover wants to have a pet in their house but having a pet is more than just adoring them. One has to take full responsibility of their pets and should give them full priority. Therefore, pet owners need to take care of their Pet Food, health and happiness and should work on their Pet Grooming daily at home.

What is Pet Grooming?

We, humans like self-grooming and does it as part of our daily routine. Pet Grooming is quite different from human grooming as animals need our assistance. Since we are responsible for their health and wellbeing therefore, we must take care of this aspect too. Taking pets to professional groomers is an option, but you can also groom them at home. It will definitely cut down expenses and will also help you develop the bonding with them. In this Blog, we will discuss Cat and Dog Grooming practices at home.

Cat Grooming:

Cats are extremely sensitive pets and need extra care from their owners. Every cat has its unique characteristics and needs that should be addressed accordingly. The essentials of cat grooming are discussed below.

  • Bath: Cats do not like taking baths and a few things should be considered before bathing your cat:

The water temperature should be moderate; neither too hot nor cold.

  • Use special cat soap / shampoo so they do not get any skin irritations.
  • Close the door while bathing your cat because there is a chance it might run away in the middle of the bath.
  • Try to calm down your cat before taking them for a bath and avoid bathing unnecessarily.
  • Brushing: It is necessary to brush your cat at least twice a week. Brushing helps them in many ways; it improves blood circulation, untangles hair, removes dirt and residue from the fur and gives their coat a healthy shine.
  • Cat’s Paw Care: All cats love climbing, whether they are indoors or outdoors. Therefore, it is necessary to clean their paws daily and also watch out for possible injuries. In case of any problems, a veterinary doctor must be consulted immediately.
  • Teeth: Take good care of your cat’s dental hygiene. Brush their teeth carefully, choose the proposed toothpaste and toothbrush according to your cat’s requirements. Also check the gums regularly. In case the cat demonstrates any difficulty in chewing, then consult the vet immediately.
  • Pet Food, Extra Care as a Treat: Grooming your cat is not an easy task; always make sure they are comfortable with the process. To make them more relaxed, give them extra care and love and after the grooming process is complete, give them their favorite food as a treat. This gesture will encourage them for subsequent grooming sessions.


Dog Grooming:

Daily Grooming is so important for your dog’s hygiene, appearance and overall health. Some of the self-grooming essentials are discussed below.

  • Trimming: Every dog ​​has a different breed; some have less hair growth than the others. You have to be careful with the process of hair trimming and cutting. While trimming their fur around the eyes and ears, use your hands for protection, so they do not get hurt. There is a risk of skin infection if the trimming / cutting is not done properly.
  • Brushing: Brushing your dog helps them get rid of tangles, dirt and dead skin and results in soft and shiny coat. The frequency of brushing depends upon the dog’s hair length. Longer hair requires daily brushing, whereas in case of short hair you can do it twice a week. It is also recommenced to brush your dog prior to bath time.
  • Bathing: At least bathe your dog on a fortnightly basis _ once in 2 weeks. Make sure that you use the right soap / shampoo that suits your dog’s skin. Before bathing, always check for skin disease or allergies. In case of such symptoms avoid giving the bath and immediately seek medical assistance.
  • Nail: You have to trim your dog’s nails once they appear to be long. Be extremely careful or you may hurt their paw.
  • Ears: Check your dog’s ears regularly because ear infection causes a lot of pain. By checking a minor change in their ear (such as discharge or bad odor), you can detect the disease at an initial stage. In case of infection, immediately take your dog to the vet.
  • How to make a Dog’s grooming process enjoyable:
    • Use a brush that is suitable for your dog’s coat so it will relax him.
    • Keep your dog calm before starting the grooming session.
    • Play with him and make this process enjoyable. For Example; make a bubble bath, give a little break from the grooming session, rub a bar of soap on the slippery mat and let him play.
    • Get tools that are most comfortable for your dog and most convenient for your use.

Finally, pets are dependent on humans and need our care and assistance. Pets aren’t meant for just showing off; taking good care of their food, health and necessities is important and grooming plays a significant role. Kudos to all pet owners who take over this responsibility and self-groom their pets.

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